How to write an RFC ✍

The lifecycle of a proposal

Ideas strengthen under scrutiny. If you have a suggestion for how to improve Toucan, start by joining the lively community discussion on our Discord server or on Twitter. There we speculate, dissect, research, criticize and sense-make. Very few new ideas should be first posted on this forum.

The RFC: Request for Comment

As a proposal takes shape, community members are expected to distill it into a coherent, standalone document and post in the appropriate category of the Toucan forum. Typically, an RFC would include the following points:

  • Summary
  • Motivation + Context
  • Proposal
  • Alternatives
  • Suggested courses of action
  • Timeline of execution

An RFC will be reviewed and discussed by the community on the forum in a fairly formal way. The member posting is expected to monitor and respond to questions and critiques — these are meant to improve the outcome. We also encourage you to refine your original proposal based on feedback.

Based on the reaction and feedback of the community, the Toucan Team will implement proposals or modified proposals, as long as the align with our overall values and positively contribute to the health of the on-chain carbon market.

Thank you for being here, and supporting us as we continue to build carbon markets to regenerate the earth. :earth_africa:

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