Improving the process of reviewing Coinbase Giving builder grant (and other grants as well)

How to efficiently evaluate multiple proposals?

Initially posted as a message on Discord

  1. Anonymise any confidential information

  2. Ask 10 trusted community members

  3. Evaluate each proposal based on the objective criteria (impact, execution, innovation, code quality, traction)

  4. Decide how many grants you have the capacity to support - I suggest 3-4-5 in the first batch (so you have bandwidth)

  5. Shortlist 15-20-25 proposal and have 10 minutes call with the founder(s)

  6. Have 2+ evaluators on each call and score the non-objective criteria:

  • energy
  • passion
  • commitment

This can scale + build community + solve the problem of delays with the response

Crypto is here to stay.

Coinbase is here to stay.

Toucan is here to stay.

Climate change… (you know the answer)

Philanthropic impact funding: Musk, Bezos, Gates (three consecutive richest guys in the world) have their fundation dedicated to solving the climate crisis.

I genuinely believe that even if the initial $500k grant is exhausted there will be more funding opportunities and I’m suggesting transparent and scalable process of distributing funds.

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First off, I would like to thank you for taking the time to put this together and present this as a proposal. This looks well thought out and like a feasible option for the grant proses. We are in the early stages of developing and designing our grant program and as of right now we have decided to manage it internally by the Toucan team. This is for a number of reasons that include being able to feasibly run and grow the grant program with our current team and bandwidth. That being said, it is our plan in the future to incorporate a community function into the operations of the fund and we will consider this proposal further at that time.

In regards to the initial concern regrading the delays that have occurred with the current grant flow, those roadblock are now solved and we will be implementing iterations to speed the process up and provide clarity at each step. I really appreciate the patience that the community has shown with this process and we will be providing more opportunities to engage and provide feedback so that we can build a system that works for everyone.