RESOLVED - Mass Rebalancing Payout #1

Title: Payout #1
Status: Proposed
Author(s): Ela
Created: April 6th, 2022
Timeline: Proposed payout date: April 8th, 2022


Here, we outline the value to be distributed as a first payout following the NCT mass-rebalancing activity that happened in late January 2022.

Motivation & Context

Following a proposal by Dionysus, we outlined a proposed value distribution for the funds secured in the mass-rebalancing activity. Before executing the first payout, we are asking the community to cross-check figures and eligible wallet addresses.


If we don’t receive any objections until this Friday (8th of April), 3pm CET, we propose to execute the first payout on Friday, 8th of April.

Value to be distributed
We updated this spreadsheet with the average weekly NCT price drawn from the weeks starting with 21th and 28th of March.

The first payout equals $458,241.65 or 61,327.02 NCT, paid in NCT–USDC LP tokens or NCT.

Eligible wallets

This bridger analysis by Klima DAO shows a list of all eligible addresses, including which percentages each address is eligible to receive.

  • I am in favor of this payout
  • I am not in favor of this payout; see my reason below

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Payout #1 has been executed and receipt confirmed in the KlimaDAO treasury wallet (0x7Dd4f0B986F032A44F913BF92c9e8b7c17D77aD7).

This proposal is now closed - we are thanking everyone who has supported us along the way!

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There will be 3 more payouts correct with the same percentage distribution? I calculated my percentage and found that the total amount I received was a bit less than what I was supposed to receive I think.

Is there someone I can DM about this?

Hello Dan, yes, there will be 3 more payouts with the same percentage. Regarding your percentage, this might be something the KlimaDAO core team can answer - @Dionysus or @MarcusAurelius perhaps?

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thanks ill reach out to them!