RFC Fund Allocation

Thanks a lot @Liumu for the input. We actually did think quite a bit about a ReFi Ecosystem fund, this was at some point the plan. I think the reasons against, is that there are other actors who feel claim to the funds and there are other larger ecosystem funds in the works to help support new builders. But if you feel these funds should go to an ecosystem fund, you are very welcome to draft a proposal as an RFC, would be happy to give feedback on it if that would help.


This makes sense to me.

Does this sound like a good plan? @john_ellison @rob

Is there a timeline on a conclusion here?

From the governance post:
9/2: Launch the governance forum and begin accepting and discussing RFCs
20/2: Final selection of a governance process
2/3: Final date to submit RFCs to the form for consideration
2/3 - 11/3: Deliberation by the multisig, drafting a final decision
11/3: Final decision announced on the allocation of the funds

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In my opinion absolutely no sense to reward actors who already relinguished their interest by selling BCT or bonding BCT for KLIMA.

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Why don’t you use this arbitrage value to improve BCT quality? This is good opportunity to get rid of those HFC-23 credits that are still polluting BCT pool, am I right? Just burn them.