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Welcome to the Toucan forum!

The purpose of this platform is to serve as a discussion space for ideas on how to improve the Toucan Protocol and on-chain carbon market.

In the short term, we will use it as an open space where members of the Toucan community can propose ideas on how to allocate the value that was secured in a BCT-NCT mass-rebalancing action. More context on this here→

Proposals serve as very important feedback from the community.

As such, they should be discussed in a more casual environment—like the Toucan Discord—before being voiced in the more formal context of this forum.

:point_right: Read our Toucan Forum Guidlines here→
:point_right: Learn more about the lifecycle of a proposal here→

Thank you for being here, and for supporting us as we continue to build carbon markets to regenerate the Earth. :earth_africa: